IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security
10-12 June 2019 // Washington, D.C. // USA

Technical Sessions

Monday, 10 June 2019 

10:30 AM - Technical Session Breakout

Session 1A (L’Enfant C) IoT and Pervasice Computing Security
Session Chair: Ning Zhang

A Usable Authentication System using Wrist-worn Photoplethysmography Sensors on Smartwatches – J. Shang, J. Wu (Temple U)

Manipulating Drone Position Control – W. Chen, Y. Dong (U Hawaii); Z. Duan (Florida State U)

Securing Task Allocation in Mobile Crowd Sensing: An Incentive Design Approach – M. Xiao, M. Li (U Texas Arlington); L. Guo (Bingham U); M. Pan, Z. Han (U Houston); P. Li, (Case Western)

WristUnlock: Secure and Usable Smartphone Unlocking with Wrist Wearables – L. Zhang, D. Han, A. Li, T. Li, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang (Arizona State U)

Session 1B (L’Enfant D) – Cloud Computing, Applied Cryptography
Session Chair: Roberto Di-Pietro

Efficient and Accountable Oblivious Cloud Storage with Three Servers – Q. Ma, W. Zhang (Iowa State U)

FileCrypt: Transparent and Scalable Protection of Sensitive Data in Browser-based Cloud Storage – P. Han (Beijing U of Posts and Telecom); C. Liu (Harbin Institute of Tech); Y. Dong (U Hawaii); H. Pan (Beijing U of Posts and Telecom); Q. Song (Tsinghua U); B. Fang (Harbin Institute of Tech)

Energy-Aware Digital Signatures for Embedded Medical Devices – M. Ozmen, A. Yavuz, R. Behnia (U South Florida)

Sherlock Holmes of Cache Side-Channel Attacks in Intel's x86 Architecture – M. Mushtaq (U South Brittany); A. Akram (UC Davis); M. Bhatti, U. Ali (ITU Lahore); V. Lapotre (U Bretange Sud); G. Gogniat (Lab STICC)

3:45 PM - Technical Session Breakout

Session 2A (L’Enfant C) Network and Physical-Layer Security
Session Chair: Jerry Park

CollusiveHijack: A New Route Hijacking Attack and Countermeasures in Opportunistic Networks – A. Altweel, R. Sotleru, G. Gu, A. Maity (Texas A&M)

Towards Secure Slicing: Using Slice Isolation to Mitigate DDoS Attacks on 5G Core Network Slices – D. Sattar, A. Matrawy (Carleton U)

GEE: A Gradient-based Explainable Variational Autoencoder for Network Anomaly Detection – Q. Nguyen, K. Lim (National U Singapore); D. Divakaran (Trustwave); K. Low, M. Chan (National U Singapore)

DRAKE: Distributed Relay-Assisted Key Establishment – S. Sciancalepore, R. Pietro (Hamad Bin Khalifa U)

Session 2B (L’Enfant D) – Privacy I: Cryptographic Aspects
Session Chair: Rui Zhang

Vaccine: Obfuscating Access Pattern Against File-Injection Attacks – H. Liu, B. Wang, N. Niu (U Cincinnati); S. Wilson (Penn State U); X. Wei (U Cincinnati)

Privacy and Linkability of Mining in Zcash – D. Feher, A. Biryukov (U Luxembourg)

Supporting both Range Queries and Frequency Estimation with Local Differential Privacy – X. Gu, M. Li (U Arizona), Y. Cao (Kyoto U), L. Xiong (Emory U)

Randex: Mitigating Range Injection Attacks on Searchable Encryption – H. Quan (Xidian U); H. Liu, B. Wang (U Cincinnati); M. Li (U Arizona); Z. Yuqing (U Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Tuesday, 11 June 2019

10:30 AM - Technical Session Breakout

Session 3A (L’Enfant C) Application-Layer Security and Malware
​​​​​​​Session Chair: Amir Herzberg

BotSifter: An SDN-based Online Bot Detection Framework in Data Centers – Z. Zha (George Mason U); A. Wang (Case Western); Y. Guo, D. Montgomery (NIST); S. Chen (George Mason U)

SQL-Identifier Injection Attacks – C. Cetin, J. Ligatti, D. Goldgof (U South Florida)

Cyber Defense Matrix: “What”, “Where” and “Why” Cybersecurity Controls for Optimal Risk Mitigation – A. Dutta, E. Al-Shaer (UNC Charlotte)

BotFlowMon: Learning-Based, Content-Agnostic Identification of Social Bot Traffic Flows – Y. Feng, J. Li, L. Jiao (U Oregon); X. Wu (U Arkansas)

Session 3B (L’Enfant D) – Application of AI/ML to Security
​​​​​​​Session Chair: Ari Trachtenberg

Recognizing Email Spam from Meta Data Only – T. Krause, R. Uetz (Fraunhofer FIKE); T. Kretschmann (Pallas GmbH)

Detecting ADS-B Spoofing Attacks using Deep Neural Networks – X. Ying, J. Mazer (U Washington); G. Bernieri, M. Conti (U Pauda); L. Bushnell, R. Poovendran (U Washington)

Design of a Robust RF Fingerprint Generation and Classification Scheme for Practical Device Identification – X. Zhou, H. Aiqun, G. Li, L. Peng, Y. Xing, Y. Jiabao (Southeast U)

CAPTURE: Cyberattack Forecasting using Non-Stationary Features with Time Lags – A. Okutan, S. Yang, K. McConky, G. Werner (Rochester Inst of Tech)

1:15 PM - Technical Session Breakout

Session 4A (L’Enfant C) Privacy II
​​​​​​​Session Chair: Ming Li

Location Leakage from Network Access Patterns – T. Tiwari, A. Klausner, M. Andreev, A. Trachtenberg (Boston U); A. Yerukhimovich (George Washington U)

Characterizing Location-based Mobile Tracking in Mobile Ad Networks – B. Hu, Q. Lin (U Nebraska Lincoln); Y. Zheng (U Hawaii Manoa); Q. Yang (U Nebraska Lincoln); M. Troglia (U Hawaii Manoa); Q. Wang (Louisiana State U)

I Can Hear Your Alexa: Voice Command Fingerprinting on Smart Home Speakers – S. Kennedy, H. Li, C. Wang, H. Liu, B. Wang (U Cincinnati); W. Sun (Purdue U)

I Know What You Enter on Gear VR – Z. Ling (Southeast U); Z. Li (U Massachusetts Lowell); C. Chen, L. Junzhou (Southeast U); W. Yu (Towson U); X. Fu (U Central Florida)

Session 4B (L’Enfant D) – Internet Infrastructure Security
​​​​​​​Session Chair: Bing Wang

CAPnet: A Defense Against Cache Accounting Attacks on Content Distribution Networks – G. Almashaqbeh (Columbia U); K. Kelley (CacheCash); A. Bishop (Columbia U); J. Cappos (New York U)

It's Not What It Looks Like: Measuring Attacks and Defensive Registrations of Homograph Domains – F. Quinkert (Ruhr-University Bochum); T. Lauinger (U Chicago); W. Robertson, E. Kirda (Northeastern U); T. Holz (Ruhr-University Bochum)

Dynamic Traffic Feature Camouflaging via Generative Adversarial Networks – J. Li, L. Zhou, H. Li, L. Yan, H. Zhu (Shanghai Jiao Tong U)

Topology-Agnostic Runtime Detection of OSPF Routing Attacks – N. Devir, O. Grumberg, G. Nakibly, S. Markovich (Technion)